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Nectarios Petropoulos

Nectarios Petropoulos

Mortgage Broker

I am Nectarios Petropoulos, mortgage broker with North-East. I specialise in private & alternative financing solutions. I can help with:

1. Late mortgage payments
2. Divorcing and need to refinance
3. Removing a Co-Signor from your mortgage
4. Pay off second mortgage/debts
5. Sold your home but do not qualify for the purchase of your new home
6. Have 20% down payment and up and trouble qualifying for a mortgage
7. Self-employed, good income but cannot qualify due to your income structure

My goal is simple: I would like to help you improve your financial situation while also giving you credit repair recommendations to help you requalify over time for a loan with the banks.

If I were able to stop the procedures, pay off more of your debts and repair your credit, would you say yes to this change? Would you be ready to take charge of your situation and act?

How would you feel six months from now once your situation is resolved? Would you have less stress? Would you put money into savings or build your emergency fund? Would you finally take that well deserved vacation? This is where I want to bring you, and I need your help to do it!

My mission with my clients has always been to improve their financial situation. I have been helping families since 2016 and I continue to do so today. All you must do is give me a call, and believe me, you will be glad you did!

Languages: English, French, Greek

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