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Merav Marciano

Merav Marciano

Executive Vice-President & Chartered Real Estate and Mortgage Broker

Merav Marciano is the Vice-President and co-founder of North East Real Estate & Mortgage Agency. She started off her career in 1999 as an electrical & computer engineer after graduating from Concordia and worked in that field for over 10 years in companies such as Nortel, CGI and Bell. In 2009, Merav jumped into the business world alongside her husband and launched an agency that would revolutionize the industry.

Merav co-hosts The Real Estate Show alongside Terry Kilakos every Sunday on CJAD 800AM, with the mission to educate the public about the real estate, mortgage and financial industry.

She is licensed as a chartered real estate and mortgage broker as well as a financial security advisor and manages the operations of North East on a day to day basis.

With three kids at home, Merav works hard to balance her work-family life and is always striving to become a better version of herself every day.

Languages: English-French-Hebrew

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