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On Tuesday, January 22nd, the North East Mortgage, and Insurance team
returned to the radio waves with our regular call-in radio show format
on CJAD 800AM. This time the show was hosted by CJAD’s Barry Morgan.
New CJAD banner, a new studio

New “on air” neon sign
This time I sat with the producer and answered all the incoming callers.
We received lots of great calls and text questions. Our shows don’t follow a
set format rather the themes are generally set by the callers’
questions. This time we received lots of questions about mortgage
insurance, capital gains but also about reverse mortgages.
New CJAD studio.
Terry Kilakos (President of North East Mortgages) and Michael Zigari
(President of North Insurance Inc.) respond to a caller’s question.
Michael Zigari (President of North Insurance Inc.) responded to a couple
questions about mortgage life insurance. Michael discussed the
differences between a bank insurance product and term insurance product.
The next area that received lots of questions was capital gains. One
caller asked a valuable question about his particular circumstances. The
caller was looking to buy a home with his girlfriend and later sell his
home. Both Michael and Terry Kilakos (President of North East
Mortgages) explained it was more advantageous to sell his home first
before buying again. We all look forward to the next show in 3 short
weeks. Stay tuned.

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