Spring is here, make sure you’re covered by flood insurance

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The sun is coming out, and the snow is disappearing. You know what that means: it’s flood season.

And because flood season is upon us, it’s time to make sure you’re covered, North East Mortgages President Terry Kilakos reminds homeowners.

“What you need to do is ask specific questions,” Kilakos explained. “When you call your insurance company, you should say ‘I want to know, do I have flood insurance, yes or no?’ And if the answer is yes, then ask ‘To what am I covered? How much am I covered? ‘”

It’s also important for you to ask for details on what is covered by your insurance plan, Kilakos said. Things like whether acts of God or sewer backups are covered are important to know.

“Otherwise, you’re going to end up in a situation where a flood — knock on wood — and you’re not going to be covered,” he said.

There are also online resources that can give you an idea not just of what to do if there’s a flood, but where in your area may be prone to flooding.

“You can look at the government’s website, there’s a whole bunch of different places where you can go and get information about flood zones, and what you can do, and how to better prepare yourself and get yourself educated,” Kilakos said.

The government of Quebec has a map you can consult to see if your area is within a designated flood zone. You can find that map here: https://geoinondations.gouv.qc.ca

The government also offers advice on what to do to prepare yourself for flooding, as well as what to do once a flood has arrived. You can find more about what Quebec recommends at this link .

At North East Mortgages, we do more than just mortgages. We have a full service dream team, that gets you from start to finish when purchasing your home — and this includes insurance specialists. Contact us anytime with your questions!


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