Terry Kilakos, Montreal’s Elite Mortgage Broker

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With mortgages being more complicated than ever, Terry Kilakos simplifies the process for mortgages big & small

Ever wonder how someone can get a $10M mortgage?  Look no further. Terry Kilakos has been Montreal’s best kept secret for over a decade.  Since 2007, this mortgage broker has been moving and shaking the mortgage industry across Canada.  Ranked as the number one mortgage broker in Quebec for many years running, Kilakos is an asset to anyone looking to get financing, big or small.

With his background as a financial advisor, market researcher and landlord, his advice goes beyond just mortgages.  When he sits with a client, conversations range from your mortgage conditions, to increasing your net worth, to tax strategies and so much more.  And when it comes to mortgage amounts, he does not discriminate. A client will get his undivided attention whether it be for a $200,000 mortgage or a $20M mortgage.  His goal is to get that client approved, and if it can’t be done now, he will tell you how to remediate the situation so that he can have another go at it in the near future.

How much does all of this cost?  Nothing. As his long time running ad on CJAD says “It’s simple and it’s free.” The way that he makes his money with standard residential mortgages is by receiving a referral fee from the bank he refers the borrower to.  Commissions are the same across the board, and his choice of bank for you is mostly based on the conditions associated with each mortgage and how this lender fits in with your situation or your preference. However, when it comes to commercial or private mortgages, there is a brokerage fee to be paid by the borrower seeing as those lending institutions charge in order to do business with them.

With the government tightening mortgage rules more and more over the last few years and mortgages becoming more complicated and difficult to get approved, using a mortgage broker can be one of the smartest choices you make.  Not only will the broker do all the leg work for you, search for the lender that will approve your file and set up a mortgage that has favorable conditions such as low penalties and access to prepayment options, but it is all done at your convenience.  Advice regarding your credit score, your investments and your tax savings come along with that mortgage, which is something you don’t see in a traditional bank.  

But this mortgage broker is not like any other.  He not only owns a mortgage agency, but he is also the owner of a real estate agency, a financial services firm and a private lending institution.  With close to fifty brokers and advisors working under his direction, he knows how to get the job done. The fact that you can walk into his massive company and talk about all your real estate, mortgage, investment and insurance needs means you literally have a team of experts at your disposal all in one place.  And that’s the best kept secret.

He has served some of Canada’s wealthiest families, has financed some of the most expensive homes and has structured some of the most creative deals.  He has won multiple awards, has been interviewed hundreds of times, and has lobbied the government for many industry changes. But with all his accomplishments, Terry’s main mission is public education.  He hosts a weekly radio show on CJAD 800AM every Sunday called The Real Estate Show and his main goal is to inform the public about anything real estate related. As a public speaker, he trains thousands of real estate investors on how to invest in real estate the smart way.  His team of brokers are all licensed and trained individuals who are held up to the highest of standards. His rigorous training is like something out of a movie and the clients come out of his office feeling like they have the upper hand on other consumers.

Although Terry is a highly accomplished business owner and broker, alongside his wife and business partner, he stays humble in his day to day life and is a very down to earth guy who you can talk to like a childhood buddy. Family comes first and servicing the community is always top of mind. Helping as many people as possible is his aim and his focus on philanthropy, community involvement and education of the public is what he enjoys the most. And even though he has a thriving team of brokers, he still meets with clients every day and does what he does best, because he loves it.

Terry has been nominated for yet another award this year. As a nominee in the upcoming Linked In Awards which will be held at the Crowne Plaza on November 21st, Terry is proud to be in the category of Financial Services. Whether or not he wins this award is not as important as being able to participate in this event where Montreal business owners are recognized for their hard work and for giving to their community.

You can learn more about Terry Kilakos by visiting www.nordest.ca

Article reposted from original author Howard Singer

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