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Your circumstances have changed and your home no longer meets your needs?

Our real estate brokers will guide you from A to Z and make sure the process is stress free!

The listing process

  • 1 - Listing appointment and preliminary comparative market analysi

    During this appointment, you will discuss with your broker your current needs, expectations, reason for selling and current market conditions.

    They will pull out the current active listings and recent solds in your area and prepare a preliminary Comparative Market Analysis with the average listing price.

    This report is a good baseline, but other factors such as upgrades, type of market will determine your selling price range for your home. This is properly achieved once your realtor visits your home.

  • 2 - Property visit and pricing of home

    Although your realtor has established a basic idea of your selling price during your first appointment, an accurate selling price range can be established after the property visit based on the condition of your property.

    Your realtor will also be able to identify some key ways to help you maximize your selling price. Not all repairs add resale value and your broker will guide you through.

  • 3 - Preparing the property for sale

    First impressions hold true in real estate too and they begin at the driveway of your house.

    Curb appeal is the first impression during a home visit and usually sets the tone for the rest of the visit.

    - Keep your lawn show ready by freshly mowing before visits.
    - Add a touch of colour to your lawn by adding flowers, hanging pots or flower beds.
    - Make sure your entrance door and windows are aesthetically pleasing.

    Interior: We like to say, prepare your home as if you were already moving!

  • Minor repairs: These can include but are not limited to changing broken door knobs, burnt light bulbs, broken tiles, refreshing of paint, leaking faucets...

    Declutter and depersonalize: The goal here is to have your potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home. Clutter and family pictures take away from that feeling.

    Clean: Thoroughly clean your home from A to Z. Clean kitchen, bathrooms, windows, patio doors, picked up toy rooms, beds fixed in all the bedrooms to mention a few.

    Organize your storage space: Storage is a huge selling point. You can invest in storage boxes, dividers to keep everything in order. A packed closet gives the impression that the space is too small.

    Scents that sell: Nothing like walking into a home where you smell freshly brewed coffee or cinnamon rolls in the oven. While you’re at it, why not buy a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.


Every home is unique and the marketing strategy can differ from property to property or vendor to vendor.

This will be discussed with your broker who will guide you through the best marketing approach for your needs.

You are now ready to list your home!

Visits and the offer process

Once your property is listed, your broker will be in charge of booking visits, setting up open houses and providing you with feedback from the collaborating brokers.

Your experienced realtor will also be able to screen the potential buyers by asking all the right questions.

You have received an offer? Two or more? This is where your broker and yourself will carefully review your offer(s) and conditions, decide if you will accept an offer with the conditions stated, or respond with a counter-offer, or decide to refuse all together.

This is where your broker’s experience and expertise will play a major role during the negotiation process. When deciding whether to accept and offer, sometimes it’s not as straightforward. Some key factors that will impact your decision include current market trends, timing (deed of sale and occupation dates) conditions with promise to purchase, buyer’s financing…

The most common conditions are financing approval and inspection.

After the accepted offer

Once you have accepted an offer and all conditions between the buyer and seller have been met, you are ready to make it official at the notary.


Buy a property

Whether you’re a first time buyer or experienced buyer, purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments in your lifetime.

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This was my first mortgage and I am happy I got Christian Kebabdjian helping me.
Chris was helpful, supportive and a great source of information since day one: financial assessment till the close of the deal.
Always ready to answer my question and come up with even better solution t...

- Garen Jenterejian

I have been working with Cristian Mardari for about 2 month to close a 2 mortgage that was up for renewal with a competitor of his. He was able to close out the old 2. mortgage that was due to be renewed with a significant raise of interest. Then he offered me a new second mortgage, increased th...

- Quellmalz Guenther

Our experience with North East was nothing short of exceptional. Our broker Christian was always willing to answer questions and jump in on short notice to deliver documents and ultimately help us close our property. As first time buyers, he was very helpful and guided us through the process of b...

- Marley Lightfoot

I have been working with Cristian Mardari for about 2 month to close a mortgage that was up for renewal with a competitor of his. He was able to close out the old mortgage that was due to be renewed with a significant raise of interest. Then he offered me a new second mortgage, increased the amo...

- Guenther Quellmalz

Terry was an amazing resource for us on understanding our options for the mortgage for our second home. He provided invaluable advice and the whole process was well explained, transparent and easy.

- Sandrine Campeau-Simeone

If anyone is looking for a mortgage broker, Cristian is your guy! He is not only super friendly but very efficient too. It was our first home and the process was seamless. Thank you Cristian!!

- Lisa Bissett

merci pour l'équipe North East , la chaleur d'accueil au téléphone et spécialement Cristian madari qui a démontré beaucoup de professionnalisme et d'attention. all the best.

- afafe Boudhaih

We had a great experience, working with Christian. He never sugar coated anything and always played out the worst case scenario, setting expectations realistically throughout the whole process. Additionally, he was quick to respond with thorough information.

- Rob Whelan

We want to thank you for your personalized service
You were there every step of the way

- Richard and Diana

I am very happy to have met Christian Kebabdjian as he helped me a lot all along the process to buy my first property. He was very knowledgeable, was always available to my calls, patiently addressed all my questions in detail and assisted me tirelessly to find the best deal. I certainly recommen...

- Diogo Almeida

I would like to thank Christian Kebabdjian for the tireless work he did on getting us our very first mortgage!! Christian was "there" for us all the way. I cannot express how much appreciation, admiration and respect we have for him! I recommend Christian and his whole team at North East!!! 100%

- Helen Bousquet and James Camet

Merci Ricardo pour ton excellent travail! Tu nous a guidé à travers ce monde bien stressant et imprévisible que représente le prêt hypothécaire. J'ai beaucoup appri et je me suis senti supporté tout le long du processus d'achat. Compétent, sympathique et à l'écoute des besoins de ses clients, je...

- Denis, Nicolas

Thank you Ricardo for your professionalism, patience and responsiveness in helping me obtain my first home mortgage! I appreciate you taking the time in answering all my questions. Thank you so much! Great job!

- Francesca C

I want to thank Angela Brilakis for the amazing work at helping us find our dream home.
Angela was always very responsive and patient with all our questions and taking us to visit properties.
Her experience and agility was key for us to solve all the little problems during purchase in...

- Guilherme and Sofia

Cristian Mardari is a great broker, and I'm very happy we got our mortgage with him.
He was very helpful and clear all along the process, helping us get the right information and solve all our problems and questions quickly.
Thanks Cristian!

- Guilherme and Sofia

José is an ardent real-estate agent. His slow and steady approach may at first sight scare the anxious buyer, but his infinite patience is a no shortcut technique to helping his customers get the right property. In May 2021, my wife and I were first time home buyers in the hot Montreal real-estat...

- Roger

Très professionnel dans votre travail. Vous êtes une personne de confiance. On vous remercie pour votre efficacité et votre bon service.

- Noorjehan

Merci Cristian pour ton excellent service. Ton professionalisme et ta rapidité on fait en sorte de regler notre probleme tres rapidement. Continue ton excellent travail.

- Boulanger Annie

Hi Fred and Olympia,

Just wanted to thank you for your tremendous assistance with the purchase of our home in Candiac. Without your help it would’ve been very difficult. We are now settled and very happy in our new home.

Thank you for your hard work and keep rocking!

- Bruno

This company has the best team ever. I am very satisfied with how fast and efficient my mortgage process gone.

- Naglaa Elagamy

I strongly recommend Nord-Est’s services. I have just completed a purchase with the help of Cristian and he proved to be very dependable and available, which are two very important values in the current market where answers are difficult to come by and delays can be very long. Cristian took all t...

- Mark Chalouhi

We would like to thank Athena Baktis, Residential Real Estate Broker, of North East Realties Inc., Real Estate Agency. Athena spent a lot of time listening and had a very honest and straight forward approach. Her communication style was very clear, and all questions or issues were addressed very...

- Singh Family

If it was not for Athena, getting a second and third opinion, this sale would not have gone through. Athena went to bat for her client, as she should, and she got the ball rolling on the way to a timely signing. I dealt with Athena in 2014 when I purchased my condo and now in 2017 for the sale of...

- Theo Caimassidis, CPA, CA, MBA - Kathleen Flynn - Theo Caimassidis

So, it is my pleasure to send this Thank You Card for the wonderful people at North East Mortgages and North East Realties, who were so helpful, personable, giving of their time and knowledge and so pleasant to deal with in order to secure me a loan to purchase my condo, and its subsequent rental...

- Daniel Querin

On est très satisfaisant de service de Stefan Tzonchev de son professionnalisme et son aide régulier pendant tout le processus de l'achat dès le début jusqu'à la fin. Il est très patient, positif et prêt toujours à aider. Il trouve des solutions de toutes les problèmes. On peut bien voir qu'il ai...

- Anna et Kiril

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